About Us

Franglais Traduction is your answer to website translations: we provide translation services for small francophone businesses in Quebec and France.

Our aim:

We endeavor to use our experience and expertise to provide website translations for Quebec and French businesses, from French to English and vice versa.

Our Philosophy

  • To translate websites, ensuring that the meaning of the original text is retained
  • Provide a high quality service
  • Accommodate individual customer needs

Why choose Franglais Traduction?

A full range of services

Each project that passes through the hands of Franglais Traduction includes the translation, proofreading, and correction of your text, as well as page layout, if required.

The expertise of the Franglais Traduction team

We specialize in website translation, and are experienced in numerous fields (including eyewear, tourism, engineering, equestrian, music and marketing) , from French to English and from English to French.

Individual solutions for individual clients

Our experience, together with our made-to-measure service allows us to offer website translations to small francophone businesses, enabling them open up to a larger clientele, including Anglophones.

Peace of mind and high quality service

Each client is unique and has individual needs. This is why Franglais Traduction offers a made-to-measure service, which is adapted to the client’s individual requirements, agreed upon timeframe.